You’re walking down the street in the middle of a small town. Starving and unsure where you want to eat. Overwhelmed by the ten businesses offering the exact same product/service. You’re lost because they are all unknown to you and none are recognizable brands. You don’t know the food quality and the businesses has no reviews on yelp. (Oh no). After deciding that you don’t want to travel far, you narrow it down to two of the restaurants that your brain picks out.
Unknown to you, the way you narrowed it down was solely based off the storefront appearance. Then you decide to take the next logical step and go into the first building that you believe has better potential of offering the service/product you desire. From the quality of food and the selection on the menu to the quality of service. Before you even walk in this establishment your brain is nit picking the overall environment and becomes very critical in the process of breaking down the factors that will distinguish this restaurant from the other one that offers the same product and service down the street. You walk towards the one your brain in distress is “attracted” to. This is because it STOOD-OUT against the competitor; but why? The best part is as your brain is working it is using more energy and therefore making you more hungry. (Sometimes its easier not to think). But its not done. How is your brain actually processing your information? Through the businesses visual identity. Something about it catches your eye or speaks “eat here”. Your brain is actually using the colors, design style/emotion, and overall consistency to feel. It is so easy to understand what product or service they offer through the following categories listed that your brain determines it without you having to think about it. This is a properly branded business. Now put yourself in the business owners shoes. You’re lost on where you want to go next with your business. You’re branded but whats my next step Hire State Of Art Designs! We take your branding and transform it with our knowledge and State Of Art Designs (It’s literally in our name) and combine it with our marketing techniques to help (You) the customer maximize your brand. What this does is help you automatically secure that person new to the town to come to your restaurant and skip your competitor. You have to convert this lead to a client and we will stand by this statement that the brand and story is a very influential piece especially in this example business, but it will also qualify for any service/product. Just remember the visual identity isn’t always the determining factor and the story to your brand is influential just as much as the brands visual identity. This is why we stand beside your brand and help you set up your visual identity to complement your vision and story.