This is a great question! Not only does State Of Art pride itself in its work but we take top priority in making sure our designs STAND-OUT. State Of Art is a full service agency so not only do we offer the graphic design services but we offer web, photography, and marketing services from the knowledge and experiences we have encountered with other’s just like you. We stand out from other agencies because of this and the way we brand ourselves so that way you feel confident that we will do the same for you! 


Hi, my name is Steven Bechard. I attended high school at a technical high school where I had the opportunity to take a four years of Graphic Communications classes to help me learn the trade and the printing processes. With this knowledge and hands on experience I launched State Of Art – a branding and graphic design agency. It wasn’t just my education that has gotten me this far but with the help of my mentor/instructor David Garcia (even though he probably doesn’t know it) who is also an entrepreneur and leader. With the support I am proud to say that I have gained the hands on experience and knowledge to help position your project for what we call “The State Of Art Design”. Our motto was created and put in place from the impact we have had on the community and what our companies future will look like. To break it down a little more for you. We Motivate others to do what they love and live their dream, we Inspire others to reach their fullest potential, and Create the next best business and live your dream!     


Why should i brand?

Branding is key for you, your business, your campaign, or your event because everyone loves consistency. At State Of Art we take branding and combine it with other knowledge in the marketing industry and figure out how we can combine it together to make you STAND-OUT!

Do you print the designs?

Currently we don’t have a in house printer but we do partner with a local printer for clothing and promotional products and use a state of the art online printer for other printing needs. We will get you the best price possible!

You’re a web designer and not a developer? 

This is correct. We currently don’t do any developing but i can take the designs vision and turn it in to a fully customizable website.