State Of Art Designs is a full service branding/graphic design firm located in Torrington, Connecticut. We specialize in the branding of businesses/organizations but we expand into graphic design and printed products. We take the core of your business and our strategy/approach to create best visual identity/marketing that will truly represent your brand. We stand-out from other agencies by incorporating more marketing into your brand. We want to help you reach your target customers through our work. Your brand should be your priority, even sometimes overtaking your actual product or service. So why don’t you treat it as such? 

We believe that we take our personal branding seriously so we can STAND-OUT from our competitors since we are not all that different from another agency. Our design style may be different but we offer the same services. This forces us like anyone else to make our branding what will make us different from our competitors. We believe that the “State Of Art Designs” brand is the physical evidence that our strategy or approach works! We will help you differentiate yourself or your business from your competitors in any industry!

The way you portray your business through your story will give customers a channel to connect with you so that way you will see increase profits for your business. 



I noticed this up and coming graphic designer from social media. I asked them to perform a large task. I requested them to design a new logo for my company. I could have not been happier to have taken a chance with this up and coming company. I have always believed that one should look for start ups, as they perform pure work. Thank You State Of Art!

Nichole Reigins

State Of Art prides itself in our services and how the final product from printed materials impact them. We are thankful to know we have reviews that will keep bringing clients but also know they had the best experience we could offer!

State of Art has comfy and amazing sweatshirt designs as well as super cool packaging hand made by the artist. Would definitely order again!

Mikayla Mazzarelli